El Tiempo brings the Trust Project to Colombia

The Trust Project congratulates El Tiempo, highly regarded for its investigative reporting, for earning the Trust Mark and joining our network. El Tiempo commands one of the highest circulations in Latin America and the highest web traffic in Colombia. El Tiempo’s team has worked closely with the Trust Project to incorporate the 8 Trust Indicators®. The integrity behind these indicators is now built into El Tiempo’s journalistic processes, news site, podcasts, video and even print. We view Trust Project growth in Latin America as critical because of the attacks on journalists and threats to their independent reporting on important societal …

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The Trust Project Expands into Puerto Rico

The Trust Project is proud to announce that El Nuevo Día, Puerto Rico’s newspaper of record, has completed the hard work of incorporating the 8 Trust Indicators® into their journalistic processes, earning the Trust Mark logo.  The most widely read news outlet in Puerto Rico, El Nuevo Día strives to hold power to account, report on solutions to everyday problems and serve as a platform for the voiceless.   The Trust Indicators® –  a “gold standard” in journalism transparency – emphasize the fundamentals of honest journalism: serving the public interest, separating opinion and paid content from news, protecting newsgathering from funder …

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Building trust: Early findings from a collaborative study on Native Americans and news media 

To assess trustworthiness, Native news users prioritize ethics and depth While Native community members value news, they’re reluctant to trust it. Groundbreaking research by the Trust Project with the Indigenous Media Freedom Alliance has yielded important insights to address this challenge.  Native communities, including nearly 700 federally and state-recognized tribes in all, are among the fastest-growing populations in the United States. Native nations’ interests and actions have far-reaching implications for all Americans in every state, touching on land and water rights, environmental protection, child welfare, taxation and more.  In user-centered design research, Trust Project researchers gathered expertise from 14 Native …

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New Eye-Tracking Research Confirms Power of Trust Indicators®

News Skeptics, Who are Most Vulnerable to Misinformation and Disinformation, Most Positively Affected Journalistic transparency elements are both read by users and significantly strengthen credibility and trust in news, according to groundbreaking eye-tracking research by the University of Georgia’s Digital Media Attention and Cognition (DMAC) Lab, the Trust Project® and DMAC announced. According to Reuters’ 2023 Digital News Report, trust in news fell by two percent across all markets in the last year, leaving a staggering 56% of people worried about distinguishing real news from fake news on the internet. In the quest to repair this erosion of trust, educating …

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Media Stakeholders Unite in Commitment to Tackle Misinformation

The International Communications Consultancy Organisation (ICCO) and the Trust Project, together with the support of The Council of Europe, pledged to join different sections of the media in tackling misinformation following ICCO’s European Forum, held in Strasbourg on 1st June. The pledge aims to engage a variety of membership bodies representing different sections of the media spanning PR & Communications, broadcast media, journalism, and online media. The pledge consists of ten commitments that focus on investing resources in the continuous education of employees, clients and audiences on information threats and trusted media sources. The Trust Project is an international consortium …

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Trust Project News: More sites, more funding, more people!

A warm welcome to 11 new sites and gratitude for $500,000 in new funding Today we expand our reach into community-serving and issue-oriented news with 11 new sites in the United States, Canada, Brazil and Europe. We also thank longtime supporter Craig Newmark for a generous gift of $500,000. These funds strengthen our initiatives in research, training, public outreach and technical capacity. According to 2023 data from Knight Foundation/Gallup, more than half of Americans have lost faith that news organizations put the public interest first. Such lack of trust globally has led to severe polarization, Edelman warns in its latest …

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National Trust Indicators Campaign Launches

Trust Project teams with influential news literacy partners By now, you may have seen an ad on Microsoft news or Outlook surfaces reminding people what trustworthy news looks like. This nonpartisan campaign leverages our 8 Trust Indicators® to empower news users and strengthen democracy. The Trust Project® developed this new campaign in partnership with some powerhouse players: the Radio Television Digital News Association​ (RTDNA), the University of Washington’s Center for an Informed Public (CIP) and UW’s Accelerating Social Transformation​ (AST) leadership program. Pamela Killborn-Miller directs the partnership and Microsoft is supporting the campaign.  Through Trust Project research, we know that …

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Report: Four Insights from New Trust Project User Research

Newsrooms can rebuild their business model more speedily and successfully through restoring trust among audiences inundated by misinformation, according to new Trust Project research published by the International News Media Association (INMA). The data from dozens of recent Trust Project interviews and other public surveys show we can succeed — and the moment to act is now. Due to the global pandemic and the surrounding societal upheaval, people are awakening to the value of accurate news and their own role in choosing it. Now is the time to double-down on earning trust “The news industry must connect even more deeply to …

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Trust Project – Ipsos survey asks, “Trust Misplaced?”

People seek out trustworthy news – their overconfidence in identifying it is our opportunity

Sickness. Hunger. Social unrest. Wildfires.

In such tumultuous times, reliable information is essential — and people know it.

But most don’t recognize their own role in maintaining a healthy information environment, one that prioritizes honesty and substance.

Last week, Ipsos and the Trust Project released Trust Misplaced?, a report on their global survey investigating the challenges journalism faces in coming years. The survey involved 40,000 people in nearly 30 nations.

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New Trust Project Partners

Trust Project Adds News Partners to Global News Network

Trust Project’s reach expands to Spanish-speaking countries in Latin America

Sept. 16, 2020 (PACIFICA, CALIF.) – The Trust Project, a global non-profit dedicated to transparency, accuracy and diversity in news, today announced the addition of six news partners, expanding its network of more than 200 news outlets to Argentina and Peru.

The following news sites have implemented the Trust Project’s 8 Trust Indicators and earned the Trust Mark: El Comercio (Peru), The Highlands Current (US), inewsource (US), La Nación (Argentina), Pocket-lint (UK), and YES! Magazine (US).  El Comercio and La Nación are the first news organizations to join the Trust Project in their respective countries.

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