The Trust Project Expands into Puerto Rico

The Trust Project is proud to announce that El Nuevo Día, Puerto Rico’s newspaper of record, has completed the hard work of incorporating the 8 Trust Indicators® into their journalistic processes, earning the Trust Mark logo. 

The most widely read news outlet in Puerto Rico, El Nuevo Día strives to hold power to account, report on solutions to everyday problems and serve as a platform for the voiceless.  

The Trust Indicators® –  a “gold standard” in journalism transparency – emphasize the fundamentals of honest journalism: serving the public interest, separating opinion and paid content from news, protecting newsgathering from funder or government interests, and committing to impartiality, fact-checking and correcting errors. Taken together, they make it easy to choose news with confidence.  

About 300 news sites and services now provide the Trust Indicators on their pages.  

“In an era of misinformation, it is vital media for companies like ours to strengthen our integrity and transparency so that audiences, government and policy-making entities understand and value the difference between uncorroborated information and rigorous, hard-hitting journalism,” said Rafael Lama Bonilla, editor-in-chief of the news organization.  

The Trust Project is grateful to Craig Newmark Philanthropies and Google for enabling us to support all of the Trust Project Network sites in implementing the Trust Indicators.  

The Trust Project
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