Trust Project News: More sites, more funding, more people!

A warm welcome to 11 new sites

and gratitude for $500,000 in new funding

Today we expand our reach into community-serving and issue-oriented news with 11 new sites in the United States, Canada, Brazil and Europe. We also thank longtime supporter Craig Newmark for a generous gift of $500,000. These funds strengthen our initiatives in research, training, public outreach and technical capacity.

According to 2023 data from Knight Foundation/Gallup, more than half of Americans have lost faith that news organizations put the public interest first. Such lack of trust globally has led to severe polarization, Edelman warns in its latest report, and weakens the social fabric that underpins democratic institutions. Through the 8 Trust Indicators® and our hands-on guidance, news outlets can rebuild their relationship with the public. 

As of today, the Trust Indicators® are shown for the first time on a tribal nation’s news site, Osage News, and a Canadian Francophone site, FrancoPresse. AzMina covers gender issues in Brazil. Euractiv, Euractiv Germany and Euractiv France cover the European Union, and MindSite News which covers mental health, is the Trust Project’s first entirely health-focused news site. The Dallas Free Press, Eye on Ohio, Investigate MidWest and The Texas Tribune represent vital, independent regional and local news sources.

We also welcome three new staff members: New Program Director (Product) Pier Paolo Bozzano promotes technical solutions to support publisher benefits and ease Trust Indicator® implementation. Network Lead and Researcher Teresa Trumbly Lamsam coaches news sites and contributes research expertise. Christin Smith, researcher-in-residence, leads the exciting studies that underpin all Trust Project work, strengthen its impact and contribute to journalism globally.

We hope to see you in person at the following events this spring. 

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