Brazilian news organizations increase transparency by adopting the Trust Indicators system

São Paulo, May 8 – Projeto Credibilidade, the Brazilian Chapter of the Trust Project, is thrilled to announce that six Brazilian news organizations – Agência Lupa,  Agência Mural, Folha de S. Paulo, Nexo Jornal, O Povo and Poder360 – have joined the global effort to fight disinformation and to increase transparency in the news by presenting Trust Indicators on their sites. These indicators, developed collaboratively by newsrooms around the world, affirm and amplify journalism’s commitment to transparency, accuracy, inclusion and fairness so that the public can make informed news choices. Over the past two and a half years, Projeto Credibilidade …

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What’s new with Projeto Credibilidade (a Trust Project chapter)

by Angela Pimenta & Francisco Belda Our MVP launch scheduled for May 2019 The launch of the Minimum Viable Protocol (MVP) of Projeto Credibilidade will be in mid-May 2019, in São Paulo. The event will be likely attended by Sally Lehrman, director of the Trust Project. In the first phase, the MVP comprises three Trust Indicators: Best Practices, Author/Producer and Type of Work. Part of the Brazilian early adopters should be able to adopt more indicators than these three before the launch. Here, the complete list of the Trust Indicators We have facilitated the adoption of the Trust Indicators by …

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Major Effort to Increase Trust in News Achieves Widespread Adoption

Oct. 9, 2018 –  In a concerted fight against online misinformation, 20 leading news organizations have joined the Trust Project’s efforts to increase transparency and trust in the news media, extending the reach of the global network’s Trust Indicators to 217 million people a month. As the result of this major expansion, today more than 120 news sites around the world are showing the Project’s Trust Indicators – the first transparency standard for news that helps people easily recognize the commitments and expertise behind trustworthy journalism – with dozens more sites in progress. Like nutritional labels, the Trust Indicators are …

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Trust Indicators boost readers’ perceptions of news credibility

Do the Trust Indicators make a difference? Research by Reach Plc has found yes. Dozens of news sites around the globe published the first Trust Indicators nearly a year ago and many more sites are in the process of implementing them. It’s clear from the research by Reach Plc (formerly Trinity Mirror) and an experiment at The University of Texas at Austin’s Center for Media Engagement that their efforts are having an impact. Over two user surveys, our news partner Reach Plc found that the Trust Indicators increased readers’ trust in their publication the Mirror by 8 percent, a statistically significant …

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Santa Clara Magazine's illustration for "Trust Me," an article about the Trust Project.

Trust Project pops up in magazines and mentions

Notice anything new lately? Spring has sprung for the Trust Project, with a story in Santa Clara Magazine, and mentions in NiemanLab, Stuff, and The Chronicle of Philanthropy, just to name a few. A huge thanks for their coverage, which helps spread the word about our work to build trust and transparency in news. Here’s a quick rundown of what you’ll find in each article: Santa Clara Magazine: “Trust Me” tells TTP’s origin story, along with a good overview of our Trust Indicators and lots of insight from Director Sally Lehrman. It was co-written by Deborah Lohse, who helped us launch …

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Craig Newmark gifts Trust Project $150K

Craig Newmark, founder of craigslist and Craig Newmark Philanthropies, has deepened his commitment to the Trust Project with a $150,000 gift to support its work. The contribution will help the Project continue to fulfill its mission of building trust and transparency in news as it enters Phase II of its rollout, increasing news partner participation, building public awareness, and fine-tuning the Trust Indicators. This is the sixth donation that Newmark has made to the Project. “I’m a news consumer and want news I can trust. The Trust Project gets to the gist of what that means by helping to strengthen news transparency and more,” …

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Ozy feature on the Trust Project Director Sally Lehrman

TTP Director Sally Lehrman featured in Ozy

In this Ozy feature by Dan Peleschuk, Trust Project Director Sally Lehrman makes an important distinction about trust in news that frames today’s challenging media landscape: “It’s not about convincing people to trust you,” she says in the article. “It’s about earning their trust.” Accuracy and transparency play key roles in both building, or eroding, that trust: “It’s very important that journalists recognize the power of what we do,” Lehrman adds. “So even if we get something wrong, that has a huge impact.” Get the full story, “On the Front Line of the Battle Against Fake News,” here.

Trust Project’s Sally Lehrman makes MediaShift’s Top 20 list

The Trust Project’s Sally Lehrman made MediaShift’s debut Top 20 list of digital innovators. Coming in at No. 11, Lehrman’s work on the Project as well as the Trust Indicators gained specific mention. Congrats, Sally! Launched in 2006, MediaShift has become the premier destination for insight and analysis at the intersection of media and technology. The MediaShift network includes the sites MediaShift, EducationShift and MetricShift.

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