Is the news story true and should I share it?

Worried about false information interfering with democracy?

With Election Day coming up in the United States, it’s important for all voters to have access to reliable news and information, produced with integrity and nonpartisanship.

And you can help.

The #TrustedJournalism Partnership has launched a public information campaign encouraging people to pause and consider the source of a news story before sharing it on social media.

The PSA campaign, which includes 15-, 30- and 90-second videos, highlights the Trust Project’s 8 Trust Indicators™ to help people evaluate the source of a news story and determine its validity.

The campaign was based on research at Princeton and New York universities analyzing people’s online behavior in the final weeks before the 2016 presidential election. They found:

  • One quarter of Americans visited a website masquerading as legitimate news, but in fact peddling false claims.
  • The largest source of this internet traffic came from Facebook.
  • While most people did not share the misleading information, Facebook users 65-and-over posted seven times as many articles from such websites, compared with adults under 29.

Please take a moment right now to help us draw attention to the role of each and every person in ensuring a healthy news ecosystem.

1. Share the campaign on your social media platforms (we have :15, :30 and :90 versions).

2. If you’re in news media, use the PSA as filler for any unused ad space, and feature the campaign in your editorial coverage.

3. If you haven’t already, learn the 8 Trust Indicators.

4. Take the pledge to check who and what is behind a news story before sharing it.

The campaign, a collaboration between the Trust Project and several other nonpartisan academic and media organizations, focuses mainly on people aged 65 and over, but everyone can benefit.

We are at a critical time for raising awareness about trusted journalism. Please share this link to help  –

#8Trust #TrustedJournalism

The Trust Project
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