Trust Network grows in Panama, Spain, Brazil and US

In new milestone, Trust Indicators explained on air Advancing the Trust Project campaign against imposter sites peddling falsehoods, five new sites have earned the Trust Mark and joined our network of news organizations committed to transparency, impartiality and accuracy. The global Trust Network now extends to Panama and across 43 of the 50 United States. In an additional milestone for the Trust Project, audiences will now routinely hear about the Trust Indicators on air, not just online. We welcome: A Gazeta, the leading news site in the Brazilian state of Espírito Santo; Amazônia Real, which covers environmental issues along the …

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Trust Project Expands in Europe

As the year closes, we are delighted to announce that the Trust Project is accelerating its global momentum with new European sites. Three sites in Spain and one in Belgium have now earned the Trust Mark by committing to Trust Project principles and disclosures and showing the 8 Trust Indicators on their pages (see press release). Our new sites 20 Minutos, the third major newspaper of Spain’s top five to join; El Heraldo de Aragón, the first Spanish regional; and La Información, the first Spanish business news site; La Libre Belgique, our first Belgian and first French-language news outlet. “These …

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