Google VP Richard Gingras on tools for good citizenship

Here’s a snippet from the Newseum panel “Rebuilding Trust in News” that capped our launch of the Trust Indicators in November. In it, Google News VP Richard Gingras, an early Trust Project supporter, discusses the role of platforms like search engines in helping users discover the information they need to make informed decisions. He details how the elements of the Trust Project help in this effort by providing greater transparency; distinguishing news, opinion, and analysis; and allowing platforms to see the “ingredients” of a story so that they can surface better, more relevant content.


Watch the full video to get insights from all the panelists, including: TTP Director Sally Lehrman, Craigslist founder Craig Newmark, Newseum Institute’s First Amendment Center Executive Director Lata Nott and Mic Publisher Cory Haik.

The Trust Project
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