The Trust Project User Profiles

The most amazing journalism tool or Trust Indicator isn’t much use if the public doesn’t see its value, use it and benefit.

That’s why we’ve conducted one-on-one interviews with news users to find out what matters to them, what they want, and what makes them frustrated. We’ve digested them for you in the profiles below.

Whether you’ve got your mind on the technology platforms, the newsroom, or the public-facing design, please take a look.

We ask you to design with at least three of these people – our customers — at the core.

By listening to their needs and frustrations, your tool that could have a dramatic impact on the way people see and interpret news in the future.

Voices Around London

Eight UK residents explain how they use the news and give feedback on the indicators and prototypes. (Interviews by Graham Bond, Jaron Murphy, Martin Buckley, Patricia Arlott, Chris Richards, Kevin O’Donovan, all faculty within the School of Business, Law and Communications, Southampton Solent University)

Engaging with News

Fourteen U.S. news readers, from avid to disengaged, share their news habits, what they need and want in the news, and their reactions to the indicators and prototypes. (Interviews by Christine Kurjan, Quiver Consulting)


European Responses to Digital Prototypes

Seven European residents reflect on the news, describe what they want from it, and give feedback on Trust prototypes. (Interviews by Christine Kurjan, Quiver Consulting)


The Trust Project
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