Work with us

If you’re new to the Trust Project, welcome! We need your help to boost reader trust and make the standards behind trustworthy journalism visible. 

The Trust Project is an ongoing global collaboration among news outlets, led by journalist Sally Lehrman. Our work has evolved through user interviews, design and engineering hacks, and executive summits. Our Collaborator Materials take you through this process and the results.

Our promise

The guiding principles behind the Trust Project are outlined in our Statement of Principles, which describe three very basic, yet very vital, commitments: social responsibility, transparency and integrity.

Trust Indicators

We honor these commitments through the Trust Indicators. Our news partners agree to the commitments, work closely with the Trust Project to display the required Trust Indicators and implement associated markup,  and may use our Trust Mark logo. Other news organizations are welcome to participate in a variety of ways, but may not use the mark.

News partners don’t have to use the Trust Mark on their site, but only news partners are able to use it.

Collaborator Materials

If you’re a member of the media and would like your newsroom, publication, publisher or owner to join the Trust Project as a collaborator, use this form to get started. See our process in the Collaborator Materials